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4 Longhorn Tailgating Must Haves 4 National Tailgate Weekend


National Tailgate Weekend is October 7-8, 2017 and just in time for the next Texas Longhorn Football Game. By then the weather will break and we’ll be turning up our tailgate to ELEVEN!

Turn To 11







Kansas State is coming to town and the ‘Horns have revenge on their mind after last year’s loss. So how do you do a Longhorn Tailgate right? Gotta get the right gear! Here’s some of our favorite tailgate must-haves for our #nationaltailgate and all-out Longhorn awesomeness.

  1. Shade Tent(s)

    In the Texas sun, you gotta have shade and a defined space each and every game. The best way is with a Longhorn branded canopy/tent. We don’t recommend the cheap 10×10 tents because they rarely last a season with the wind. They also don’t generally offer UV protection. So consider a quality Texas Tent like this one from Logo Brands. $200 on Amazon or their website. You get what you pay for. Texas Longhorn Canopy

  2. Comfortable Seating

    In Austin we tailgate ALL DAY so you gotta take a load off from time to time. Besides shade, chairs are the next biggest must-have. Make sure to get ones with beer-holders like these cause…well, why else are you at a tailgate? And trust us, those $8 ones at Home Depot or Academy will not make it more than a few games. All day on Amazon or here. And as a bonus, you can bring your pet along with this chair attachment we reviewed a while back–the WrapsitTexas Longhorns Tailgate Chair

  3. Big Cooler + Little Cooler

    Multiple coolers?! Yep. It helps separate adult beverages from kid-friendly ones. It also allows multiple access points for your larger tailgates. For the hard-sided, we gotta go local with a Texas Longhorn branded Yeti Tundra. They really hold up to the heat and will last forever. For soft-siders, hard to go wrong with the super portable Longhorn Glacier CoolerYeti Longhorn Cooler Collapsible Tailgate Cooler

  4. Tailgate Games

    In Texas, washer pits and cornhole games are a staple, and there’s lots of options these days for tailgating. Since you’ve gotta represent the ‘Horns on National Tailgate Weekend, you gotta go with the branded cornhole game. These collapse down and are light-weight so it’s what we prefer. Washer pits aren’t the most kid-friendly if you only have 1 game, make it count. If you don’t feel like buying them outright, we rent them!

    Longhorn cornhole game with bags.

    The Tailgate Toss Game, A.K.A. Cornhole, A.K.A. Bean Bag Toss is a must for tailgating or backyard fun. Fairly low chance of shooting your eye out. We’ve also got washer pits.

Now get out there and represent the Longhorns next weekend! #nationtailgate #Hookem

Texas Longhorns Tailgate Gear

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