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March 31st marked one of our first events for 2012 and it got started with a BANG! We started the year with a big birthday party in a neighborhood in Steiner Ranch. Friends, neighbors and POW! joined the celebration. It was an outdoor event complete with a myriad of tables, chairs, DJ and, of course, the one and only, POW! trailer (now retired).Block Party Rentals Austin

With nearly 50 people in attendance of varying ages, our DJ got the party started with some old school 80’s hair bands, threw in a little 90’s grunge, mixed in some current top 40’s and dub step (for the teens), and, of course, had to throw in some classics like the Chubby Checker and Beatles (hey Grandma’s gotta get her groove on too!).

As the sun set, the lights came on and the Final Four started. There were plenty of tables and chairs for everyone, provided by POW!, but everyone gravitated to the trailer. They loved the bar and grill feel. With music in the background, the sun going down, and a destination hangout, one could have been at any cool outdoor bar in Austin, with 1 major difference…it was in the comfort of their own neighborhood.

As the March Madness games got going, the highlight game was the Kansas / Ohio State game. Everyone crowded around the trailer, cheering madly for Kansas. They hung on every possession, every shot, every call, and with drinks in hand they agonized and cheered. In the end, Kansas wins and a bigger celebration ensues.Austin DJ Rentals

With the final game of the night over, one would think that the party is over. Not so fast my friend! This is a birthday party! There were still 3 gallons of margaritas in the margarita machine (also provided by POW!), and everyone hung out for another 2 hours after the game ended.

What’s the moral of the story? Well…first…the party doesn’t have to end when the game ends. Second, POW! can put together a kick-ass party for you!

– Steve


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