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Baylor Tailgating

The Baylor Bears are an up and coming team with a standout coach and a pass-happy offense. RG3 helped put Baylor on the map and his popularity helped get them some real cred…and a new stadium (McLane Stadium). So what’s up with the tailgating situation? Tailgating at McLane Stadium is broken in to 2 types–Land and “Sea”.

Baylor Tailgating By Land

Baylor Bear Tailgate Parking & Maps

Season Parking (Reserved)
Season-long parking lots include Lot A, Lot B, Lot C, Lot D, Umphrey Law Center, Ferrell Center, Dutton Garage, Speight Garage & Baylor Research & Innovation Collaborative. Baylor Tailgate Parking Map.

ADA Parking & Shuttle
ADA parking spaces are available on a reserved, season-long & game-by-game basis  at the Baylor Research & Innovation Collaborative. Shuttles run from there to McLane Stadium (Gate C) starting at 8:00 a.m. and go continuously throughout the game.

McLane Baylor Stadium Seating Chart

McLane Baylor Stadium Seating Chart

Downtown Parking
Looking for the low cost option? How about no cost? There’s nearly 2000 FREE parking spaces on game day downtown. A free 8 minute shuttle will be provided with pick-up at 5th St. & Austin Ave. and drop-off on the south side of MLK & I-35. It’s a 20 minute walk otherwise. More information is available here.

Ferrell Lot, Speight Garage, & Shuttles
These shuttles will begin 3 hours prior to kickoff & stop at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Shuttles will resume at the start of the 4th quarter.

RV Parking
RV parking is available at the Ferrell Center.  You can reserve those through the Baylor Bear Foundation and go quickly – 254-710-8110 or athletic_marketing@baylor.edu.

Baylor Tailgating By “Sea”

aka Baylor “Sailgating”

The Brazos River rolls right next to the stadium and tailgaters/boaters have become one. It’s like normal tailgating but arguably better, because when it’s 100 degrees outside you can jump in the water. There aren’t many slips for the general public, but they are building out more each season (not that $3000 for the season is a great deal). But fear not, you don’t need a slip, there’s plenty of space to cruise around or just drop anchor. No, they aren’t the first to have “sailgating” but it’s unheard of in Texas. Well, it was until the 2014 season.

Public Tailgating at “Touchdown Alley”

Those less familiar with the tailgate areas may want to opt for the official pre-game area of Baylor Football on the old Floyd Casey Stadium turf. “Touchdown Alley” opens three hours prior to kick-off and closes 30 minutes before kickoff. It’s family-friendly and FREE to get in. Just bring some cash for food or drinks.

While we no longer provide full-service tailgating for Baylor games Waco, we do have some tailgating equipment when they play in Austin.

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