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Beer Holsters Review

We took these beer holsters to a Texas tailgate, and it was awesome!

Tailgating is in full effect and every year people come out with some crazy things to make the tailgates more fun, convenient and the like. Well today we are reviewing probably the most important invention for fun in years–BEER HOLSTERS!

That’s right, Beer Holsters from Drink Slings.

Wearing these tailgate accessories with a beer at the ready makes for a lot of fun at the tailgates. Quick draw drinking at all times makes for steady fun throughout the tailgate. It’s fun to randomly yell someone’s name and go full Western movie scene at high noon. It can be used 2 ways, the primary place to put your beer allowing you to eat, play washers or corn hole without having to put your beer on the ground or to hold a spare beer at the ready when you finish the one in your hand.Texas Beer Holster

The downside is the beer sloshes around a bit if you are walking around a lot. It’s also not big enough to hold a koozie with it. If it is for your spare beer or roadie (walking to the stadium), it may spray some when you open it. It’s not super practical in that sense, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s just good Texas tailgate fun. We definitely enjoyed tailgating with them for the Texas vs Iowa State game and will in the future–as our party-goers found them pretty entertaining.

These beer holsters come in leather and nylon, and in different colors. There’s pink & black for the ladies, camo, brown, black and some others on their site. The one to get is the leather. It sits perfectly at your side and once it’s broken in, bottles or cans easily fit snuggly.

We had a BLAST with these holsters! Lots of fun throughout our time wearing them and everyone that walked by wanted one. It’s GREAT for tailgating and we highly recommend it! 

We give 4 out of 5 stars for the Beer Holsters. Go get yours!

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Awesomely ridiculous Beer Holsters from Drink Slings look good at any Texas Tailgate.

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