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Black Friday Tailgating


We get asked a lot what the Friday after Thanksgiving tailgate looks like on the 40 acres for the Texas Longhorns tailgate parties. So we figured we would give you the low-down for this year’s game against Texas Tech.

The Friday after Thanksgiving has become a pretty great day for tailgating since everyone is off and tired of their families by then. And let’s face it, tailgating is way better than Black Friday Shopping. To get spots / parking for that particular game, things are a little different:

The UT vs. Texas Tech game is scheduled for Friday, November 24th at 7 pm. Tailgate set-up begins at 6:00 pm the day before the game, which is Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 23rd. Parking lots will be secured until this time and will not open early. First Come First Serve lots will also begin selling open spaces at 6 pm, Thursday, November 23rd. This is probably most important to the general public.

Here’s a map of the tailgate area, with Lots for public space for first come first serve (though some are reserved too). You should target Lot 3, 2 or 8, in that order. These are in good areas and likely to have a few spots. If you go at 6pm on Thursday to those lots, there will be attendants…you generally have to pay $20-$40/spot–CASH ONLY. There’s no vendors/stores around so BYOB and food before arriving.

The State parking contractor, HBA Parking System Inc. will be offering tailgaters an additional option to pick-up their parking permits early at Garage E on Wednesday, November 22nd from 6pm – 8pm for those not wanting to go out on Thanksgiving Day. Garage E is located at 1604 Colorado St. Please note this option is just to pick-up parking permits early – it does not allow early access to the lots.

Good luck out there! 

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