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Calculate How Much Beer & Wine For Your Tailgate Party


No one wants to have a ton of beer and alcohol left over at the end of their tailgate party, especially if you are coming from out of town and literally have no place to put it. So, how much should you get?

Keystone light beer cases at a Longhorn tailgate party.

Stick to the light beers on hot tailgate days.

Beer, wine, and liquor calculator for your tailgate party planning needs.

Beer, wine, and liquor calculator for your tailgate party planning needs.

Generally, the average guy will drink about 6-8 beers while at a 5-hour tailgate. So, if you have 20 guys showing up, get about 120 beers, or ten 12 packs. Guys drink alcohol too. Generally, you only need 1 bottle (750ml) of each of your favorite liquors. Stick to 2-3 different liquors. Beyond that and there are too many choices and you won’t drink them all. The only minor amendment is if you know some of the guys are more liquor than beer drinkers. Then cut back a little on the beer and add more alcohol. If you are looking for a southern cocktail that’s a hit, check out our Basil Mint Julep recipe.

Women will generally drink about 3-5 beers/wine coolers while at a 5-hour tailgate. However, wine has become a favorite. Have a couple of bottles of wine for them. Stick with whites and pinks, no reds. Tends to be too hot in the early part of the season for reds. Also, use screw tops. You don’t want to worry about having a corkscrew. You can get a good wine with a screw top.  

Don’t count the guys among those drinking wine. Unless you have a bunch of winos coming, but then again, you need better friends.

Obviously those are generalities. You know your friends better than anyone, you know how much to get. But if you are just opening it up to anyone, then these are good guidelines to go by.

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