POW! Tailgating


twisted-teas in ice chest

Tailgate Drinks

  It’s hard to imagine a tailgate w/out a slew of beer, but if you want to host a great tailgate party, one that people will actually keep coming back for, you have to do better. It’s just like having a party at home–not everyone has the same tastes, or be in the same moods […]

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Black Friday Tailgating

  We get asked a lot what the Friday after Thanksgiving tailgate looks like on the 40 acres for the Texas Longhorns tailgate parties. So we figured we would give you the low-down for this year’s game against Texas Tech. The Friday after Thanksgiving has become a pretty great day for tailgating since everyone is […]

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Referee throwing a flag at a tailgate party.

Top 5 Tailgate Mistakes: Tailgate Miscues

  You are ready to take the plunge. You’re going to host your first Texas Longhorns tailgate. You’ve been to some great ones, and you’re sure that yours will be superior. It’ll be like 2005, when the Longhorns went 13-0 and won their ninth National Championship in the Rose Bowl. It’s going to be spectacular. […]

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Beer, wine, and liquor calculator for your tailgate party planning needs.

Calculate How Much Beer & Wine For Your Tailgate Party

  No one wants to have a ton of beer and alcohol left over at the end of their tailgate party, especially if you are coming from out of town and literally have no place to put it. So, how much should you get? Generally, the average guy will drink about 6-8 beers while at […]

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River Place Block Party on our custom tailgate trailer in Austin, Texas.

River Place Block Party

This weekend POW! took another trip to a neighborhood for an outdoor summer block party! We pulled in to this very small cul-de-sac that had just 6 houses. What the neighborhood did next was GENIUS! They blocked off their own street with cones and the party ensued. All outdoor everything came out–they made a street […]

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Austin Block Party Rentals in Steiner Ranch

Austin Block Party

March 31st marked one of our first events for 2012 and it got started with a BANG! We started the year with a big birthday party in a neighborhood in Steiner Ranch. Friends, neighbors and POW! joined the celebration. It was an outdoor event complete with a myriad of tables, chairs, DJ and, of course, […]

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