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Product Review

Our cat in a Wrapsit testing out the product.

Tailgate Review: Wrapsit

Tweet We are always on the look out for fun and new items for tailgating during the off-season so here we are again, blogging about a new product. Anyone who has lived in Austin for any length of time knows what a pet-friendly city it is. We can’t help it we love our pets as […]

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Wonderbag opening and closing

Crock Pot Alternative

Tweet   Every off-season we look for new products to add to the tailgate fold and keep our eyes peeled for new ideas. Some are good while some fall by the wayside. Up today, is the Wonderbag. I know, what the hell is a ‘wonderbag’?! It calls itself a “non-electric slow-cooker.” Skeptical? Yep. So we […]

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Honda 2000 Generator

Honda 2000 Generator Review

Tweet   We get asked all the time about the best tailgating equipment to use, starting with electronics. But to get those running, you have to have reliable power. But how much is too much? Tailgating is just as much about having all the things you want, but being efficient. This is where the Honda […]

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Texas Beer Holster

Beer Holsters Review

Tweet Tailgating is in full effect and every year people come out with some crazy things to make the tailgates more fun, convenient and the like. Well today we are reviewing probably the most important invention for fun in years–BEER HOLSTERS! That’s right, Beer Holsters from Drink Slings. Wearing these tailgate accessories with a beer at the […]

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Customize Your Tailgate Dranks

Tailgate Cups Just Got An Upgrade

Tweet Every tailgate off-season is a great chance to inventory, upgrade and look for products hitting the market that are fun and worth implementing to our tailgates. Too often, we wade through countless things that truly have no valuable use, but once in a while, we find something that’s kinda cool. Today we’re checking out the […]

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EZ Hitch Tailgate Table

EZ Hitch Trailer Table Review

Tweet    Every off-season we check out new tailgate products and tailgating equipment to see if we should be making any upgrades. And while plenty of good and bad tailgate ideas come and go, we pay particular interest to the ones that: Are easy to use Are functional Don’t break the bank. Recently we came […]

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Longhorn Cornhole Tailgate Game

Top 5 Longhorn Tailgate Supplies

Tweet   It’s about that time to round out your Longhorn Tailgating supply list for the upcoming season. So we hit up our friends at Tailgate Giant, namely, founder John Mikulec, to take the guesswork out. Check out our Top 5 Must Have Tailgate Supplies that you need to fit right in around Darrell K. […]

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