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Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium

DKR History

Darrell K. Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium is located on the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas. Built at a cost of $275,000, DKR has been home for the Texas Longhorns football team since 1927. Since then, it has been renovated many times and upgraded to a capacity of 100,119 making it the second largest stadium in the state of Texas (next to Jerry World) and the largest in the ninth largest stadium in the United States. This open air stadium is one of the great places in all of college football to watch a game.

What’s With The Name?View inside DKR Stadium from the Upper Deck with a man flashing the Hook 'Em Horns symbol.

The University of Texas honored legendary football coach Darrell K Royal, who enlisted in the US Army Air Corps in 1943, and who led Texas to three national championships and eleven Southwest Conference titles, by officially naming the stadium after him in 1996. It was previously known as War Memorial Stadium, Memorial Stadium, and Texas Memorial Stadium.

Longhorn ScoreboardThe inside view of Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium because a football game in 2013.

Also known as the AdsZillatron, the scoreboard measures at 81 feet (25 m) tall and 136 feet (41 m) wide with a pixel resolution of 2064 x 848. It was also the largest HD screen in the western hemisphere until 2013 and the largest high-definition video screen in college football until 2014. We use to call it the Jumbotron but because 40% of it is reserved for ad space, fans have unofficially renamed that monster.

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