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Tailgate Cups Just Got An Upgrade

Every tailgate off-season is a great chance to inventory, upgrade and look for products hitting the market that are fun and worth implementing to our tailgates. Too often, we wade through countless things that truly have no valuable use, but once in a while, we find something that’s kinda cool. Today we’re checking out the Etch-It Cups. 

These party cups aren’t typical–they actually have an attached badge so you can customize your own drink. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but peel away the sticker and there’s a clean slate of dark, wax-like material. With your fingernail or a coin, you can scrape away to customize your cup. It reminds me of the material on lottery tickets, except less messy. I suppose most people put there name to mark their adult beverage, but I like to think we can all be a little more creative, especially on game day.

Party cup label being pulled off and customized.

Customizing is as easy as peel and scratch.

The versions I’ve seen are red and frosted clear, but I received a prototype of a black one with relationship status–seems handy if you are single! Anyway, Etch-It Cups are the same plastic material you find on most disposable party cups, and the same 18oz size as well. It’s also worth noting that the badge material resists stains and won’t smudge, even on those 100 degree days in Texas. Definitely worth considering for our tailgating game day drinks. They are currently available on Amazon, HEB, and Wal-Mart.

The Good

  • No need to keep up with markers (less is more on tailgate set-ups)
  • Sturdy enough for a long party, but still disposable
  • Kinda fun
  • Made in the USA
  • Cheap–$9.95 for 24 pack; cheaper than most competitors
    I'm With Stupid Etch-It Cup

    These are equally valuable social engagement tools.

The Bad

  • I wish the slate could be erased, but it’s not a huge drawback
  • Black is only a prototype for now; check out the kickstarter

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Customize Your Tailgate Dranks

It’s easy for everyone to claim their party cup.

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