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EZ Hitch Trailer Table Review


EZ Hitch Tailgate Table

Today we’re checking out the EZ Hitch Trailer Table (and canopy). Is it right for your tailgate?

 Every off-season we check out new tailgate products and tailgating equipment to see if we should be making any upgrades. And while plenty of good and bad tailgate ideas come and go, we pay particular interest to the ones that:

  1. Are easy to use
  2. Are functional
  3. Don’t break the bank.
EZ Hitch Trailer Table

The EZ Hitch Trailer Table comes with multiple canopy and table colors.

Recently we came across the EZ Hitch Trailer Table and decided to check it out. While this tailgate accessory has many applications, we’ll focus on the potential use for tailgating.

Here are the specs:

  • Table: 36″ x 20″ ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 16lbs
  • 4 Recessed Cup Holders
  • Bottle Opener Attachment
  • EZ Hitch Umbrella

First things first, the EZ Hitch Table isn’t for everyone. It’s a small, portable tailgate set-up for those who don’t want to put up tons of equipment, related expenses, or simply have smaller tailgates. It is also great for areas where space is limited–like some Texas Longhorn tailgating areas. We don’t all need huge spaces to tailgate, so when you only have one or two regular parking spaces you can get back to the fundamentals–tailgating on an actual tailgate!

EZ Hitch Tailgate Table Equipment with dog.

Works with and without a canopy…and with or without bulldogs.

Sure, it sounds old fashioned, especially compared to those Texas tailgaters doing custom tailgate trailers (us included) or gutting out school buses for a $100K. But that doesn’t mean the EZ Hitch Table doesn’t serve a good purpose. Most people can’t or don’t want to spend thousands on tailgate equipment and most tailgates are 10-15 people, which is why this is a good option. We break down the uses like this:

  • Great When Tailgate Space Is Limited
    Perfect for a 5-10 man tailgate rallying point.
  • Easy To Set-Up
    You can literally set this up in minutes with no tools or heavy lifting.
  • Low-Cost
    At $159.99 you’ll get a set up for the price of 1 pop-up canopy.
  • Old School
    Attaches to a hitch so you can actually use your truck tailgate–it puts the “tailgate” back in to tailgating.
EZ Hitch Trailer Table Review

Other options include various color ways for the hitch.

This should definitely be considered for those with smaller tailgates. It frames out your space with some style if you are just hanging on a truck tailgate, and offers just enough shade and table coverage for a small group.

There’s also upgrades you can purchase such as colored hitch bars, multi-colored table tops, and umbrella styles. Personally, I’m gonna bug them about branded Longhorn versions. Check out the EZ Hitch Trailer Table for yourself.


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