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How To Tailgate: Franklin BBQ

How To Tailgate at Franklin BBQ

How To Tailgate at Franklin BBQ Like A Texan!

So you’ve heard Franklin BBQ has the best BBQ in all of the land. Well, it’s hard to argue. While most of their food is great, the brisket is hands-down the best we’ve ever had. And we grew up in Texas!

The real question is: is Franklin BBQ so good it’s worth waiting in line for hours? Well, yes. So long as you do it right. Think of it as an experience, not just a meal. Check out our tips for tailgating at Franklin BBQ (assuming a weekend trip).

Go Early

Real early. When we’ve gone on a Sunday, our group got there at 8am. And we were probably in the last ⅓ of the line. If you show up past 9, they will run out of food by the time you get to the door so don’t bother. Someone will walk through the line and let you know where they think they will run out. They technically open/start serving at 11am.

Play Nice

If you have 1 person show up at 8am and then 10 of your friends cut the line after a few hours, prepare to die. There’s a line of starving Texans who’ve been out there waiting. Show some respect.

Franklin BBQ plate

Is the line worth it? Yep.

Bring Brunch

I didn’t say breakfast cause it sounds uncouth to drink at breakfast. But when you call it “brunch”, all bets are off. So bring breakfast tacos or other portable snacks and then bring…

Bring Drinks

You gotta get in the tailgate mindset. So bring canned beer, wine, mimosas, coffee, etc. and enjoy hanging with your group. This is more about an experience than just a meal. And don’t drink so much you can’t enjoy the meal! I’ve seen it happen.

Bring Chairs

The collapsible tailgate chairs are perfect for tailgating at Franklin BBQ. The area is a hodgepodge of hot pavement and curbs so this is totally worth it. Plus, once the line starts moving, you’ll want something you can move easily.

Divide & Conquer

Franklin BBQ Line

Don’t forget to take a pic under the Franklin BBQ sign to make everyone jealous!

Much like a normal tailgate, it’s way easier to split up who is bringing drinks, snacks or even chairs. Better yet, make everyone bring their own chair and split up the adult beverages.

Make Your Friends & Family Jealous

Once the line gets going, there’s a great photo-opp by the door under the Franklin BBQ sign. Post it socially and watch the jealous comments fly!

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  1. F & C says:

    Great tips!
    This is one of the things I want to do during the week maybe next week so i can feel like I’m playing hooky.
    Oh wait! I’m retired!