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Grill Accessories: Grill Pinz


Grill Pinz on a table

Grill Pinz are made from food-grade stainless steel and a solid substitute for those bacon-wrapping fans.

Just weeks away for the 2017 Texas Tailgate season and we’re checking out a few more products that we can add to our Tailgate Parties. Today, we are all in for a treat. Bacon is a must-have for grilling and therefore a must-have for a tailgate. But there aren’t too many tools to keep bacon in the mix. That’s why we were intrigued by a new product that came across our grill–Grill Pinz

Plenty of recipes start with “Bacon-Wrapped…” and in the past, toothpicks were your best bet for securing bacon. But you know the story, inevitably, a toothpick hides after you’ve grilled something up, or splinters off, or just gets charred to bits and gets in your food.

Well, Grill Pinz hope to solve those issues. Grill Pinz are food-grade stainless steel “pins” that hold your bacon in place while you grill. So, let’s say you wrap a steak in bacon, you can add a few Pinz to keep the bacon in place, and you can easily find and remove them safely once you’re done cooking.

For our trial recipe, we made our jalepeno poppers using the Grill Pinz instead of toothpicks and it went smoothly. We liked that they were easy to spot and remove after grilling. And love that cleanup was just throwing them in the dishwasher. 

When we first saw these, we were thinking they were a little larger than you need–but once we started using them, it made more sense. The pin head allows you to easily push them down and also keeps the bacon pressed down firmly when attaching to meats. Once we tried them, it was also helpful that the pin itself, would never be lost. 

All-in-all, we think the Grill Pinz are are a 5 out of 5 stars. They were easy to use, portable, and helpful in bacon wrapping emergencies. My only gripe is that not all grilling requires bacon, so it’s not an every down kind of tool. Fingers crossed they will make custom logo’ed versions soon…cause a POW! Logo or Longhorn one would be SWEEEEEET. 

If you are on the look-out for a bacon-friendly grilling accessory this tailgate season, you can buy Grill Pinz on their website or on Bacon Addicts for $15.99 per set.

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Grill Pinz being set on vegetables.

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