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Guac-Lock Product Review


Will the Guac-Lock hold up to it’s promises or will guacamole browning get the best of our dip?

No tailgate is complete without food and drink. So anything that is portable, and helps keep food fresh, we’re always open to taking a look at. Today, we came across the Guac-Lock. This container system is obviously intended for guacamole dip, but works with any dips. Guacamole is our go-to dip for BBQs and tailgates in Texas so we were pretty curious about the Guac-Lock.

It’s designed with the intention of keeping guacamole from browning, which there is no conventional cure for. And no, leaving the seeds in the guac does not help!

When we make our guacamole, we usually put it in a plastic container, stuff it with Saran Wrap. It helps keep the browning at bay, as the main culprit is exposure to air. It’s a bit messy our way, and a pain when we open it and try to re-close. So we gave the Guac Lock a try and compared it to our method, and a method of just a normal container. 

Stop Guacamole Browning

Guac-Lock, Saran Wrap method and Tupperware method.

As you may expect, the container with no Saran Wrap but an air-tight lid led to browning within a few days. Our Saran-Wrapped method held up pretty well, lasting several days past the container version. And last but not least, the Guac Lock. It definitely held up to its promises–it staved off guacamole browning for a week+, though I wouldn’t recommend eating it past day 4. It easily surpassed the others in preventing browning or any separation of ingredients. Clearly, there is something to this.


The key to the Guac-Lock is the “elevator” that pushes the dip up to eliminate air in the container.

It’s design pushes out nearly all air before closing, which was the big difference here. And when opening and re-closing, it adjusted to the disappearing amounts of guacamole by pushing the bottom piece (they call it an “elevator”) up before closing and locking the lid. This was much easier to use than trying to re-apply Saran Wrap after each use. And certainly more secure.

Technical Details:
  • Measures 4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″  tall
  • Weight: 8 ounces (container only)
  • Made from shatterproof, odor-proof, stain–resistant and BPA free plastic
  • Manufactured by Casabella

We also tried out the Guac-Lock container with platter display for chips, veggies, etc. This makes for a nice catch all for chips and dips and makes a nice display at a tailgate.Guacamole Dip Container

Overall we’d give it 4 out of 5 stars for tailgate usage. It would be 5 stars but we wouldn’t consider it an absolutely critical piece for a tailgate party, but a nice to have since it works pretty well.

You can find it on Amazon or on the Guac-Lock website.


We love learning about and testing new products for potential tailgate outings. To have your product reviewed, please contact us today and tell us whatcha got.

Keeping guacamole dip from browning!


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