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Longhorn Tailgate Parking

The hardest part about throwing a Longhorn Tailgate Party is finding tailgate parking. For those living in a cave, you can’t tailgate on campus, so you must find nearby areas in State Parking Lots and nearby garages. As more lots are being reserved for donors and new construction continues, it’s tougher and tougher every year. Let’s be frank, it’s a cluster. We’ve been on some waiting lists for 4+ years with little progress! Here are some tried and true tips though…

Finding a tailgate area for your Longhorn tailgate party is tough! Learn 6 ways our tailgating pros do it!

  1. Donate To The Longhorn Foundation

    If you are looking for tailgating spots for every Texas Football home game, consider becoming a Longhorn Foundation member. In addition to getting better season ticket options, you get a guaranteed parking space. Some lots are in garages which suck for tailgating, but some are in open areas like the Yellow Lots. Word of caution: these lots come with restrictions!

  2. Craigslist Austin

    A week or two before UT home games, check out Craigslist Austin and you’ll see some people selling their Longhorn Foundation spots and random spots that you can scoop up. This is good if you only need 1 or 2 tailgating spots though. If you have a big group (50+) it will be tough sledding, but not impossible. Word of caution: some LHF lots are in garages and are pointless for tailgating! Check the Longhorn Foundation Football Tailgate Parking Map before buying.

  3. Make New Tailgate FriendsTexas Tailgating Girls

    Go to the first tailgate against whatever terrible team Texas is playing. Go around to tailgates a few hours before the tailgating gets crazy and make friends. When you do, pick their brains on how they got their spots and if they plan to use them all year. Most tailgaters will only use their season spots 3-4 games, which means you should have a few options every season.

  4. Texas Facilities Commission Tailgating Spots

    On the Friday night before the game on Saturday, the Texas Facilities Commission has some tailgate spots for sale starting at 6pm. You’ll pay $40 per parking space but that’s a steal these days. There will be attendants in these lots and they only take cash.

  5. State Property Tailgate Lots Wait List

    This is the infamous list to get tailgating spots…we were on there 4 years before our first phone call. And with spots at a premium, people don’t bail out of these coveted spots very often. It’s truly a last resort and an exercise in patience.

  6. Terrible Tailgate Parking Options

    Ticket City, StubHub and the like have UT tailgate options, not just tickets for the game. The prices are way inflated but if you’re desperate, you can find a space or two.

Sure, these options are a pain, that’s why POW! Tailgating includes guaranteed tailgate spots when you book a private, custom tailgate. Contact us today for for an unforgettable game day.

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