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OmniGo Antenna Review

Some day when you get past half-assing your tailgate, you will slowly start to upgrade equipment. When the day comes, you’ll want to prioritize TVs and satellite dish set-ups. For years, we’ve depending on the Tailgater from Dish Network, as it is super portable, has an auto-finder signal, and you can sign up for per-month subscriptions. King manufactures most of these products and since it’s our go-to brand, we always keep an eye on their new products. Recently, they came out with the OmniGo antenna, so we gave it a whirl.

First off, if you are looking to start taking a TV set-up to a tailgate, a great place to start signal-wise is with an HDTV antenna, not a full-on satellite dish, as this is a much bigger investment ($300+). In the past, we’ve used cheap, indoor, directional antennas like ones from Amazon and Wal-Mart to get by. And honestly, we didn’t really know the difference between directional and omnidirectional antennas so we went cheap. We won’t go into the boring details of the difference but you can see that here.

All you really need to know is that omnidirectional antennas are able to access and grab all surrounding signals in all directions–you won’t need to move rabbit ears to access different channels.


At 10”W x 10”L x 2”H for the antenna head and 25”W x 22”L x 37”H for the tripod this antenna doesn’t take up much space.

As mentioned, we saw that King introduced a new product called the King OmniGo™, an omni-directional antenna. We thought it would be a good potential foray into an HD antenna upgrade. So we got our hands on one and we gave it a try. 

To start off, we tried this at home, where we have a flat directional antennas that struggle to lock in strong signals for our local channels. It should also be noted that these cheaper ones do not have amplifiers. But at least we have something to compare it to. We also tried it out at an event in October, with similar results.

Out of the box, there’s a pretty comprehensive kit for the OmniGo antenna. That is, it includes: 

  • KING OmniGo Antenna
  • Tri-Pod Mount
  • Magnetic Vehicle Mount
  • Power Injector
  • Power Supply
  • 12V Auxiliary Power Cord
  • 25’ Coax Cable
  • Carry Bag — definitely checks the portability box! 
    omnigo kit

    The antenna comes with all accessories including a magnetic mount that’s perfect for a parked car.

We fired up this antenna pretty easily, and tested out the tripod just ‘cause. It’s a basic, easy set-up.

Immediately, the signals were much stronger than the others we’ve used in the past. We had no trouble locking in a signal with no annoying static interruptions. When we hooked up our old antennas, not only did we have issues with signal locking, but signal strength. We had to move the antenna a bit to fine tune the clarity of nearly every channel. Annoying. So the OmniGo was a clear upgrade/success–especially since it actually picked up MORE channels than our regular antenna.

The carrying case is a great way to store all OmniGo accessories.

The carrying case is a great way to store all OmniGo accessories.

We also appreciate that the kit came with a carry bag, because as most tailgaters know, keeping everything consolidated is difficult with bins and bins of wires/equipment accessories. All and all, we’d highly recommend this antenna because it was: 

  1. Super easy set-up
  2. Super efficient (up and running quickly–set it and forget it)
  3. Portability

Our only concern on the product was price. While it retails for $129.99 we’ve seen it for sale for as low as $85…which is not cheap for HDTV channels. Still, for the tailgater that’s traveling to many locations, and for those starting to add a TV to their tailgate party, this is a great start. If it works out and you are ready to step-it-up even more, than the Tailgater is probably your next best bet.

Wanna try it out for FREE? We’re giving one away! Take a look.


OmniGo Antenna on Tripod


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