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River Place Block Party

Austin Block Party tailgate trailer with people around it.

River Place Block Party on our tailgate trailer–it’s not just for football anymore!

This weekend POW! took another trip to a neighborhood for an outdoor summer block party! We pulled in to this very small cul-de-sac that had just 6 houses. What the neighborhood did next was GENIUS! They blocked off their own street with cones and the party ensued.

All outdoor everything came out–they made a street basketball court, corn hole, washers, a street football field, rows of tables and enough food to feed a small nation. Even the introverts were outside! Granted, they were playing PS3 on our TV’s, but they were OUTSIDE! How many event companies can work miracles like THAT!?

Of course, the parents took over 1 of the TV’s for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Championship. Glad the parents finally put their foot down, the trailer is a BAR & GRILL for goodness sake–not a PS3 hangout. It was considerate of them to let the kids have one of the TV’s, we wouldn’t have been so nice. We know, we’re a-holes, but in our defense it’s supposed to be an adult playground.

POW! Tailgating koozies handed out at a Longhorn themed block party.

Most of our events include free koozies!

We poke fun, but kids can enjoy it too…it’s just not what we thought of when we designed the trailer, but to each his own. It was the two of us drinking heavily at a college football game going, “dude, how cool would it be to have an outdoor bar and grill…with a bartender…dude, and a DJ…we’d have the coolest tailgate EVER”…as we proceeded to pass out from one too many dozen cans of Four Loco (before it became a giant wine cooler).

Anyway, the point is, we never intended the trailer to be used at a block party…WHY?! We have no idea. We’re just not that smart I guess. Seriously though, thank you to those in places like Steiner Ranch, Kyle and River Place, you gave us some GREAT ideas: Create your own block party. How cool would it be to block off your street, have a bartender serving you drinks, while a game is on the TV’s, and a DJ playing in the background, all around the soon-to-be world famous POW! trailer. We can coordinate everything. Give us a shot on your next block party.

Now, raise your Four Loco–PLEASE!


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