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Stay Cool at Tailgate

 Only a few games left in the season where the heat is nearly unbearable, but fear not, there are some options to stay cool on a budget. We’ve gathered some things we’ve used in the past or made ourselves to ease that 100 degree Texas weather. Here’s the shortlist for staying cool during Texas tailgate parties.

DIY Air Conditioner from Cooler

We made one of these last year for those first few games and it worked “ok”. The real key is getting a big enough fan to push air through. We set ours up on a rolling cooler and a USB power supply and it was adequate if you were sitting right next to it. It only took an hour or two to put together. And instead of filling with blocks of ice, we just put ice, water and beer.

Hand Fans

Blonde University of Texas Fan, holding a Texas Fan.

Texas Fan, holding a Texas Fan?! 



We’ve seen some hand fans out there that get the job done pretty well and are very portable–and there’s Longhorn versions now! While not the most macho tailgating supply, the ladies seem to love ’em. (Like you need another excuse to get closer to a lady at a football game.) Order one at Fine & Folded and get one for your lady friend.



Cooling Rags

cooling rags for tailgate partiesWhen you are running around setting up tailgates, you need all the help you can get. So we typically use cooling rags like this one to keep our hands-free. When you put them in cold water, they stay cool for hours around your neck. Highly recommended.


Last resort–try anything you can…

Stay Cool Out There Dog and Ice


For more information or for tailgate product reviews, contact us. Stay cool out there. Hook Em!

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