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Tailgate Drinks

  It’s hard to imagine a tailgate w/out a slew of beer, but if you want to host a great tailgate party, one that people will actually keep coming back for, you have to do better. It’s just like having a party at home–not everyone has the same tastes, or be in the same moods […]

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OmniGo Antenna Review

Some day when you get past half-assing your tailgate, you will slowly start to upgrade equipment. When the day comes, you’ll want to prioritize TVs and satellite dish set-ups. For years, we’ve depending on the Tailgater from Dish Network, as it is super portable, has an auto-finder signal, and you can sign up for per-month […]

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How To Find Longhorn Tailgating Parking

1.) Donate To The Longhorn Foundation If you are looking for tailgating spots for every Texas Football Home Game, consider becoming a Longhorn Foundation member. In addition to getting better season ticket options, you get a guaranteed parking space. Some lots are in garages which suck for tailgating, but some are in open areas like […]

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POW! Basil “Mint” Julep

POW! Basil “Mint” Julep This blog post is about a couple of easy cocktails to consider for your tailgate.

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POW! Longhorn Tailgating Rentals

POW! Longhorn Tailgating Rentals POW! provides Longhorn tailgates, Texas Tailgating, Tailgate Rentals, Brand Promotion and Event Marketing for individuals and corporate events. We’ll set-up, deliver and haul away everything for a tailgate or party in Austin and surrounding areas.

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