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Jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon

Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

This recipe may take a little more prep work but the finished result is well worth it.  It allows you to experiment with different ingredients to create a Jalapeño popper that is truly your own.  Try several different kinds at your next picnic or tailgate. Photo credit: Kayla Casey

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Texas Beer Holster

Beer Holsters Review

Tailgating is in full effect and every year people come out with some crazy things to make the tailgates more fun, convenient and the like. Well today we are reviewing probably the most important invention for fun in years–BEER HOLSTERS! That’s right, Beer Holsters from Drink Slings. Wearing these tailgate accessories with a beer at the ready […]

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Dog trying to cool off in a pile of ice at a tailgate.

Stay Cool at Tailgate

 Only a few games left in the season where the heat is nearly unbearable, but fear not, there are some options to stay cool on a budget. We’ve gathered some things we’ve used in the past or made ourselves to ease that 100 degree Texas weather. Here’s the shortlist for staying cool during Texas tailgate […]

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Tyrone Swoopes Maximum Overdrive 18 Wheeler Package

Tyrone Swoopes Tribute

The 18-Wheeler Package: aka the Tyrone Swoopes Package      

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Spicy Green Chile Turkey Burger Recipe

  As the college football season looms, we’re down to our last chance to find some new recipes to shake up the season. Today we set our sights on a local brand and sauces from an Austin original, Stubb’s. We’re pretty tired of the same old burgers, so we decided to spice it up with this recipe. It’s […]

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Customize Your Tailgate Dranks

Tailgate Cups Just Got An Upgrade

Every tailgate off-season is a great chance to inventory, upgrade and look for products hitting the market that are fun and worth implementing to our tailgates. Too often, we wade through countless things that truly have no valuable use, but once in a while, we find something that’s kinda cool. Today we’re checking out the Etch-It […]

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Referee throwing a flag at a tailgate party.

Top 5 Tailgate Mistakes: Tailgate Miscues

  You are ready to take the plunge. You’re going to host your first Texas Longhorns tailgate. You’ve been to some great ones, and you’re sure that yours will be superior. It’ll be like 2005, when the Longhorns went 13-0 and won their ninth National Championship in the Rose Bowl. It’s going to be spectacular. […]

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Tailgate Tips Personalized

Tailgate Tips & Personalization

Ahh, fall – when the temps finally cool down and football tailgating is in mid-season form. This is prime tailgating party time and we’re still on the lookout for great ways to step up any tailgate. We reached out to the ladies at Two Funny Girls for some tailgate ideas to finish the year strong. […]

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Jerrod Heard Juice, texas longhorns, cal

Texas Found a New Drink: Heard Juice

  A super-tough loss to Cal last night wasn’t without some victories for the Texas Longhorns. Yea, we lost a heart-breaker by missing an extra-point after a near-21 point comeback…but we did find a quarterback. Jerrod Heard was in the shadow of Swoops for the last year or so, getting the start over Heard even […]

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EZ Hitch Tailgate Table

EZ Hitch Trailer Table Review

   Every off-season we check out new tailgate products and tailgating equipment to see if we should be making any upgrades. And while plenty of good and bad tailgate ideas come and go, we pay particular interest to the ones that: Are easy to use Are functional Don’t break the bank. Recently we came across […]

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