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It’s hard to imagine a tailgate w/out a slew of beer, but if you want to host a great tailgate party, one that people will actually keep coming back for, you have to do better. It’s just like having a party at home–not everyone has the same tastes, or be in the same moods for only one kind of drink. A great tailgater has this covered. So we’ll get you covered with options we consider.

  1. Beer 
    We know, we know, it’s super obvious but beer with us (see what we did there). The most often overlooked issue here is selection. In Texas, we gotta have at least one light beer option ‘cause of the heat. Beyond that, we typically buy a range of  seasonal beers—this helps cover a range of preferences plus, it’s a good +1 for guests. Shiner 2017 family reunion beer
    And a happy guest is one that comes back all season. We start with Coors Light, and round out with
    Shiner Family Reunion or Oktober Fest. New Belgium has a mixed 12 pack that we’re fond of too. 
  2. Water 
    We live in Texas and the first few tailgates are 100ish degrees, so this is an absolute requirement. Plus with all the drinking going on, gotta stay hydrated enough to make it through the game. Choose individual bottles waters over jugs to avoid bringing more cups. 
  3. Pre-Made Cocktails 
    A few decades of tailgating has taught us the fewer things to bring to the tailgate, the faster and less work it will be to set up/break down. So instead of bringing booze with way too many mixers, opt for pre-made drinks in cans or bottles. We like
    Jack Daniels Country Cocktails but not everyone likes Whiskey. So a safer bet is Twisted Teas—I mean, it’s iced tea and booze all in one (2 Texas favorites)! twisted-teas in ice chest
    These are great options for people who don’t like beer and come in 10+ flavors. We generally stick to the
    Original and the Half & Half, which combines iced tea and lemonade. Think of it as an Arnold Palmer, with a kick.
  4. Hard Liquor 
    Don’t you do it! Ok, we’re all gonna do it. But we may or may not have experienced some less than favorable outcomes when bringing/drinking only hard liquor while tailgating. fire ball bottle and costume
    It never ends well. So focus on the above and stick to only 1-2 kinds like Tequila or Bicardi that easily mixes with sodas. If you just want it for shots, Fire Ball never fails, and more people will take that over Tequila. Now, if you have a big enough tailgate and a dedicated bartender, do whatcha like. Consider “featured” cocktails though to make it easier.
    Basil Julep and other recipes here. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.
  5. Sodas / Juice 
    The average tailgater is college educated and in their 30s-50s, which means kids will be in tow. While you want to prioritize the above, don’t lose sight of the little ones or peeps that don’t like adult beverages. So accommodate! Plus, you can use these as mixers. Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper are the Texas favorites and can be dual purpose.

Learn more about Texas Longhorn Tailgating here. Or check out our blog with tips, tricks, recipes, and more.

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