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Tailgate Review: Wrapsit

collapsible pet crate on tailgate chair

We are always on the look out for fun and new items for tailgating during the off-season so here we are again, blogging about a new product.

Anyone who has lived in Austin for any length of time knows what a pet-friendly city it is. We can’t help it we love our pets as much as we love tailgating. So when we came across the Wrapsit, we had to give it a try. 

wrapsit crate attached to a tailgate chair

The Wrapsit secures to any tailgate chair with velcro on the corners.

This is the first tailgate-friendly, collapsible, pet crate we’ve ever seen. It’s specifically designed for people and pets on the go–camping, backyard BBQs, and of course our favorite, tailgate times. It’s different from a normal collapsible pet crate because the Wrapsit fits perfectly on folding tailgate chairs, and allows you to safely house your pet on game-day.

In addition to it being fully enclosed and keeping your pet safe, it has multiple pockets for pet and people-friendly accessories like sunscreen, water bottles and more. Pets will benefit from the shade from the chair to help keep them cool throughout the day. 

wrapsit collapsed in to a small pouch.

The portable pouch is about 6″ long as easy to carry by hand or attached to your collapsed tailgate chair.

Since we don’t have a dog, we tried it out on our Siamese Lynx, Malcom. It was bigger than his collapsible crate and he loved it, and we all know they can be pretty darn picky. The Wrapsit opens to about 5 cubic feet, which was plenty of room for our 12 pound fur baby. A small dog is a much more likely candidate for this accessory but it provides enough room for any small animal to walk around a bit, and lay down comfortably. In fact, when we brought it in to the house before putting it away, he kept dragging his toys in it. So that’s a good sign. 

Our cat in a Wrapsit testing out the product.

Malcolm seemed at home in the collapsible pet-crate.

General Specs:

  • In-use measures 22 x 21.5 x 18 inches; 2.5 pounds
  • Heavy, waterproof (620D, coated polyester)
  • Extra pockets on wrapping panel
  • PVC mesh windows
  • Large zippered opening
  • Handle & shoulder strap


  • Extremely portable 
  • Doesn’t take up a bigger footprint than your tailgate chair already does
  • Easy to set up–in fact after we attached it to the folding chair we simply left it attached so that it was ready to go for the next tailgate.


  • After sitting in the chair for a while the Velcro can start to pull at the sides of the chair a bit. Not a big deal, but the extra layer of nylon that covers the seat of the chair is a little uncomfortable right out of the box. It probably loosens up after a few uses.

Overall, we think this is a pretty great product. If you love your pet the Wrapsit is a great way to not only spend more time with them on gameday, but also keep them cool and safe around a tailgate party.

Consider it for your tailgate needs. You can purchase it on their site here or on Amazon.



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