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Tailgate Tips Personalized

Ahh, fall – when the temps finally cool down and football tailgating is in mid-season form. This is prime tailgating party time and we’re still on the lookout for great ways to step up any tailgate. We reached out to the ladies at Two Funny Girls for some tailgate ideas to finish the year strong. Turns out these girls love a good tailgate, and they’ve got some great tips and great tailgate supplies to share.

Make Tailgating Personal

A common theme across most Texas football tailgating is playing games…not! It is (responsible) drinking. And what better way to step up your tailgate than to get custom cups. Regular Solo cups get the job done, but your guests will really be impressed if you get your tailgate name slapped on the side. Not everyone is gonna have these, but you can. We see personalized styrofoam Longhorn cups in our future.

For the Ladies

Personalized Tailgate Bag

You’re bringing tailgate supplies, might as well do it in style.

The fun doesn’t stop with just custom tailgate cups. Two Funny Girls also know you (your lady friend) need bags to get your tailgate gear to and fro, so they have these great over sized tote bags that are perfect in getting your essentials to your tailgate spot. It folds up nicely and can hold so much.

Mas Macho

Go plate tailgate supplies with beer bottle and food.

Food and booze all in one hand.

With a ton of tailgate supplies out there, it’s tough to find ones that truly help. The Girls found this crazy looking plate, which actually, is kinda legit. While they are not personalized, they could be a unique addition to your Texas-sized tailgate. Talk about practical! This plastic party plate fits right over your drink, so you can hold everything in one hand. When you set your beer down for a food run, you can lose track of it. Don’t abandon your bottle, can, or cup when you can simply place one of the Go Plates on top of it! Genius.

3 customized cups for tailgate parties sitting on a counter.

Stryofoam cups are a staple at tailgate parties but check out all the options out there.

For more info about Two Funny Girls or to check out their supplies, visit Tailgate Supplies 101 guide. You’ll find napkins, koozies, flasks, scarves in your favorite team’s colors and pretty much anything you need to keep you personalized while tailgating outside.

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