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Texas Rangers Opening Day Tailgate

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Ahhhh…Spring is in the air! Molds are igniting my nose into sneezing fits. My eyes are watering so much people think I’m constantly crying. But, hey, it’s also warmer and America’s pastime just got started. With Opening Days spread throughout the country, baseball season got started with the first official tailgate of the season at The Ballpark in Arlington for the start of Texas Rangers baseball!

Who knew that tailgating was such a big deal for professional baseball? Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball as much as the next guy. I grew up going to Astros and Longhorn games, but secretly liking the Rangers with the likes of Pudge Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez. In all that time, I never saw anyone tailgating. If I did, it was a few guys standing next to the trunk of their car drinking beer from an ice chest sitting in the trunk. No music, no tvs, no canopies, nothing that made you think of it as a tailgate. It was just a couple of dudes killing time until the game started.

Tailgate lift at the Texas Rangers tailgate.

Texas Rangers Tailgate with guys on a lift and the American flag.

The spectacle that was Opening Day at Rangers baseball was flat out RIDUNKULOUS! Literally every foot of every parking lot that had any spec of grass within 3 miles of the stadium held a tailgate. I mean, these people put any tailgating seen at any college football event to absolute shame!

In fact, the tailgate we set up for Brian and his buddies seemed to start off like any other. About a dozen guys, the occasional hot chick, a little food and some nice adult beverages. Pretty normal…until the game started. By the time the game started there were nearly 100 people surrounding our trailer, drinking, talking, having a GREAT time, and having absolutely NO idea or care about the game itself (save for a couple of people of course). The music was blaring, the occasional person dancing…or trying, and everyone was there more for the party than the game. Looking at the trailer from a distance, it seemed to call out to us, “Where did all these people come from? Help!” It was easily the biggest tailgate we put together.

Rangers fans at a baseball tailgate.

Texas Rangers Tailgate fun on Opening Day 2013.

Needless to say there were a lot of big compliments from a lot of people. Although, as bodaciously awesome as the POW! trailer is, I never thought it would be used as a pickup line. Guys were telling any female they could that they “owned the trailer, how about I give you a private tour.” Not sure if it worked or not, I never heard. But judging by the fact that these guys telling us what they said had absolutely NO women around them told me everything I needed to hear. Still, I love the creativity! “E” for effort!

Anyway, the party when on for 3 hours AFTER the game, which is UNREAL! When they finally left, the lot was still at least 25% full of people tailgating.

It was a GREAT tailgate, people had fun, and I learned an important lesson…never underestimate the passion of a true baseball fan. They are every bit as passionate as any college football fan. It was so much fun for us, we can’t wait until the next one!!

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