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Top 5 Tailgate Mistakes: Tailgate Miscues


You are ready to take the plunge. You’re going to host your first Texas Longhorns tailgate. You’ve been to some great ones, and you’re sure that yours will be superior. It’ll be like 2005, when the Longhorns went 13-0 and won their ninth National Championship in the Rose Bowl. It’s going to be spectacular.

It’s great to be enthusiastic about hosting your first tailgate, but you also have to be practical and smart. The first thing you want to do is avoid common mistakes that novices often make. No, there are no 15-yard penalties for these mistakes, just a lot of disappointed friends, family, and fans. Here are the first five of the most common tailgating miscues.

  1. Thinking It’s a BreezeDeflated tailgate football.

    Do you really think that hosting a tailgate is easy? You’re in charge of everything. You’re going to have to plan, delegate, prepare, and execute. By the way, there are companies that can help you get up to speed on hosting the perfect tailgate. You may want to talk to one of them, as they can make your work a lot lighter.

  1. Lack of Planning

    Along with thinking it will be easy, a lot of rookie tailgate hosts decide to wing it. This is a very bad idea. Hosting a tailgate takes a lot of planning. Don’t try to get it together in a few hours. You’re going to need a week, maybe two to get it right.

  1. Doing It All Yourself

    Referee throwing a flag at a tailgate party.

    Don’t screw up your first tailgate by thinking like a rookie. Check out the top 5 tailgate mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

    Creating the ultimate tailgating experience, esppecially at a Texas Longhorns game is a big job. Those who attend, your friends, family, and various fans, are going to have high expectations. For that reason alone, don’t try to do it on your own. Get some people to help you. Contact POW! Tailgating if necessary.

  1. Cooking and Timing

    You will need to prepare certain foods ahead of time and when cooking at the tailgating site, it will be important that you coordinate cooking times with the start of the game. It’s better to have the food ready to eat early than late. Many new hosts miscalculate cooking times.

  1. Forgetting An Essential

    Forgetting something important may be related to poor planning, time management, or organization. But wherever the case may be, if you leave the brisket on the counter, forget the drinks, or arrive without any fuel for your grill or smoker, you could be in for a long day. Make lists, talk to people who have hosted tailgates before, and consider hiring a professional who will be able to ask the right questions of you, answer your queries, and take care of your needs.

Have we forgotten anything? Are there even more mistakes that you can make? 

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